365 times in the Bible, it says "fear not". We need a spirit of faith, we do not live by the spirit of fear!

God comes with a word of hope, salvation, direction, safety, in the midst of a storm!

You were born to overcome, you were born to be stronger, you were born to get back up again!

You can’t change the direction of the wind, you have to adjust your sail!

The sails are the things that we can control; our thoughts, relationships, our attitude, our outlook, our focus, our vision, our knowledge, our acquisition of information, our beliefs!

You have to refuse to lower your sails and give up!

There is a wind that blows on the outside- it is a storm, but there is an inner wind as well- it is the Holy Ghost and it is more powerful!

The Holy Spirit will guide you on how to adjust your sails and get you to the other side!

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