Don’t call yourself a Christian of you’re against the opening of the church!

We’re talking about having people come together to worship God in the Presence of God!

We’re talking about the lost coming and getting saved! We’re talking about broken-heartened people being healed! We’re not talking about you sitting alone and soaking as a religious person that cares nothing about the drug increase, the pregnancy, the hurt and the distress that people are in!

People need help now! People need help every day! People are suffering every day and we cannot have regulations that stop us from helping people according to the Word of God!

If anybody operates by the Spirit of God, they will operate as an encourager, a helper, a comforter! Because that’s Heaven’s climate! The Holy Spirit is not a Sunday experience! The Holy Spirit is not a goosebump, though He gives you a goosebump. Though He gives you a great experience. The Holy Spirit has been sent by Jesus Christ as your Helper, your Standby. As your Strengthener, not only does God promise that He is with you but He is for you!

How can we think we can live this life without the comforting presence of God? You may be going through turmoil and distress, but everything is going to be okay. God is not about to abandon you and God’s not about to forsake you! God sent another Comforter, God sent Somebody to be with you and stand with you every step of the way.

The Holy Spirit is invisible as the wind is invisible, but you can feel the wind! You can feel the effects of the wind, you know the direction the wind is blowing in. You feel a gentle breeze, you feel it when the wind turns up the power!

Well, that’s how the Holy Ghost is! He can be very gentle and target your heart or He can be forceful, and strong and break the chains of darkness, and lift the burdens of enslavement! We have to get to know the Holy Spirit! You say how? You have to turn to Him!

When hell shows up, focus on heaven! He is going to teach you how to reach the other side! The Holy Spirit is our Intercessor, Advocate, Teacher, Guide, Comforter! Everything is going to be okay! God sent another Comforter to be with you! He will encourage, exalt and uplift you! The Holy Spirit can be gentle and forceful!

We have to get to know the Holy Spirit! Acknowledge Him! There is a God part and a man part in everything! People need help now! There is no hope outside the presence of Jesus! We are not going to bow to the spirit of intimidation! The Holy Spirit makes us bold witnesses of Jesus! We cannot allow Covid to decide how we worship God!

God is waiting for us to react! We need a fired up church to say enough is enough! Say: 'I am forgiven! I am the righteousness of Christ Jesus! I am washed by the blood of Jesus!'

God is for you! God is not about to abandon you! Jesus went out of His way to establish the Kingdom of God! The Bible is God-breathed! Focus on the promises and not the problems!

You are tougher than your opposition! This will be your year of divine recovery! Pick up your mantle and keep on keeping on! Pray for your leader! Voice your support!

The church is not a soft target; it is God's property! We are either for Him or against Him, gather or scatter! The church is His body and bride! Touch not the anointed of God! The Lord is your Helper! Heaven on earth is part of God's restoration! It is God's climate on earth!

Don't call yourself a Christian if you are against the gathering of the saints! You are a Divine Encourager if you operate by the spirit of God! The Holy Spirit is not a goosebump, but it is sent by Jesus Christ as your strengthener!

If you are in tune with the Holy Spirit, you will know that God is grieved!
The Holy Spirit comforts through His reassuring presence, His Word and people who give you a kind word! The sinners love Jesus, and the religious doesn't!

Nothing satan devices can separate you from the love of God! Fall on your knees and pray for favour for churches to open safely!

God loves you and Jesus came because we all need a Saviour! God is not mad at you! He is madly in love with you! He cares for you and He died for you! If you would like Pastor At Boshoff to pray with you as you give your heart to Jesus, then click here.

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