God's gonna bless you right where you are!

God's gonna move and there is no one that can change what God is gonna do in your life!

God will promote you from the pit to the palace in a moment! God is gonna lift us, elevate us and bless us with His rain! There will be great glory upon the church and upon God’s people!

Once more God is gonna move! This is the time to pray big! Don’t be afraid! Your best days are ahead of you! Your latter days will be greater than your former days! God is a Restorer, Rebuilder, Way Maker! God is not about to abandon you at this time!

The greater the darkness the greater the light! The greater the impossibilities the greater the miracle! The greater the difficulty the greater the move of God! God will pour out His rain and it will produce blessing, new life, growth, the greatest harvest this world has ever seen, great fruitfulness! This rain will cause refreshing, healing, divine restoration, it will change, reshape and remake you!

Now God will move without the approval of men and He will shake the earth, bless and protect His people and God will give you favour by the power of the Holy Ghost! God decided that it should rain! There is no building, committee or politician that is gonna stop it! It is a rain that will touch your heart and touch people! This rain will cause everything to flourish!

When this rain comes your dry land will blossom, dead things will come alive, addictions will be broken, rivers will begin to flow again! Your best days are ahead of you! God will send showers of blessings! You should expect, prepare and ask for this!!! This is not the time to be lukewarm and offended. It is time to prepare for the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

God loves you and Jesus came because we all need a Saviour! God is not mad at you! He is madly in love with you! He cares for you and He died for you! If you would like Pastor At Boshoff to pray with you as you give your heart to Jesus, then click here.

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