God is in control and He will build His church, and we are the only ones keeping the light in this world!

If you're the just, it's time to take over! When everyone is afraid, you need to have faith! Let down your nets into the Word of the Lord! From a lesser to a greater! Above and not beneath!

These are days where you have to separate yourself into the presence of God in order to discern the cloud of Witness within!

Where God guides, He provides! Where He leads, He feeds! He has not abandoned you!

God's Word is designed to feed your spirit and renew your mind!

For you to successfully navigate through this valley, you need faith and total dependence and reliance on the in-dwelling presence of the Holy Spirit!

If you want to finish strong, you have to live  with the attitude of consecration!

You are part of the church! Say "The rest of my life will be the best of my life!"

Our joy is in a different place! We have a hope and a future! God has not run out of options! The silver and gold belongs to Him, and He knows how to lead you!

God is not dead! The greater the darkness, the greater the light! We are not hopeless!

We live by divine guidance, God will send the provision!

We need to tune the world out and tune God in! If you grieve Him, you will not follow Him! God is approachable and when you know Him, you become like Him!

It's not the end because God is not dead!

For Him to bring into remembrance for you, you have to know the Word! Good ideas are not always God ideas, the Holy Ghost is your inner witness, friend, guide, tutor and mentor!

God loves you and Jesus came because we all need a Saviour! God is not mad at you! He is madly in love with you! He cares for you and He died for you! If you would like Pastor At Boshoff to pray with you as you give your heart to Jesus, then click here.

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