The human spirit is an incredible spirit because we were created in the image of God, we are extremely resilient and we will overcome every pressure and situation by the power of the Holy Ghost! We will not be moved by what we see but by the Word of God! We walk by faith and not by sight! We overcome because God is on the inside of us!

We know that tough times don't last, the harder the storms of life blow the more resilient we become, we adjust our sails, we never renegotiate our vision! Choose to believe that God will turn this bitter season into a sweet season! If God is for us it does not matter the powers that are against us! God has His way to deal with the enemies of His church! You may lose the round but you win the battle! Watch, the greatest day of the church ahead! The local church is gonna be stronger!!!

In this time of pressure, you are either gonna yield to the grace of God or crumble under the pressure! God is using pressure to shape and refine us. God doesn't cause the tribulation but uses it to reflect who we are! God is making diamonds out of us, not for your glory but for His glory!

Your faith is not about you getting to Heaven but getting other people to Heaven, helping other people! Your faith is not about holding your own salvation, because there is no salvation justifiable that excludes other people! That type of Christianity helps no one, it is just self-centred! We do not collapse under pressure, we become stronger under pressure! We don't become discouraged or spineless, we rise up as the salt and light of the world!

We don't become negative and we don’t get crushed under pressure, we don't remain coal, we allow this pressure to turn us into diamonds by relying on the grace of Jesus Christ! Our breakthrough is closer than we can imagine! The deliverance is on its way, we are in a place of victory and the fact that you are alive means you still have a future and a hope!

God loves you and Jesus came because we all need a Saviour! God is not mad at you! He is madly in love with you! He cares for you and He died for you! If you would like Pastor At Boshoff to pray with you as you give your heart to Jesus, then click here.

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