Be hungry to excel! You should be the best! You have God in you, you can excel!!! Decide not to be a victim of your circumstances but rise to the top! You don't need man’s permission to be the standout person you just have to be who God created you to be! You have to make up your mind to walk in what God has called you to walk in!!!

If we don't know Whose you are and who you are it does not matter if God believes in you, what matters is what you believe about God and about yourself! Become who God says who you are! Purpose in your heart that you will not be like everybody else!!! God will raise you up and quicken your mortal body so that you can do what God calls you to do!

We want greatness without pursuing greatness. If your yesterday was average, what significant thing needs to change for you to be better? God in you enables you to bear much fruit, to prosper where everybody else is failing! The journey of fruitfulness starts and ends with you! Make up your mind to be an overcome and not a victim!

Why would you allow yourself to be robbed from who God called you to be? Reposition yourself in the presence of God and in your mind! Be disciplined to improve and enlarge yourself!!! You were designed by God to be fruitful! Change starts with surrender! Surrender to God and allow Him to take the lead as you pursue Him with everything in you!

You don’t need man’s permission to be the stand out person you just have to be the real you, the one God created you to be, the one  God blessed, designed to be fruitful and multiply, it’s in you! It’s your God-created nature!!!

God loves you and Jesus came because we all need a Saviour! God is not mad at you! He is madly in love with you! He cares for you and He died for you! If you would like Pastor At Boshoff to pray with you as you give your heart to Jesus, then click here.

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