Maybe this year has not started the way you wanted it to, but Jesus is with us and we are safe and we will have peace and we are going over to the other side!

The same Word that carried us last year will carry us through this! Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever! God is still able to deliver, save and provide for you! His promises still stand.

God is for us and God will not leave us, He will not forsake us! Sometimes storms become so real that we see ourselves perishing, but after all that we have been through, we are still breathing! If you are still alive today, then you have places to go and things to do. This will be a year of Divine Restoration! You still have a promise from God and He will restore all and more!

In the midst of a storm, you might be on on your boat with wave upon wave hitting you, but keep your eyes on the shore and you keep putting your head against the wind. You keep rowing and keep paddling so that you get on to the other side! God is with you!

We are not moved by the waves! We are moved by the promise! The disciples were moved by the waves of fear and panic because they took their eyes off the promise and the person of Jesus! If you are sinking get yourself back to the Promise! He is there! He will never leave you and He will never forsake you!

You are never beyond Gods reach! God is with you! When you feel at your loneliest, that is when God is carrying and sustaining you. God gives your grace for every day! God is faithful!

Look back and see the fingerprints of God in your life! You can see the footsteps of God! How has kept you, how God has carried you, how God has sustained you! God is faithful and in every test, trial and tribulation He will make a way of escape.
Have hope in the promises of God and the person of Jesus! There is no problem He cannot solve!

The world might not have faith but the church should have faith! Be optimistic, we need to be positive and we need to be forward-minded! We have to look through the storm, we have to keep our eyes in Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith! Our God is at work! Our God is not asleep! He is orchestrating our deliverance! He is on the move! He is with us, for us and exalted above every name!

No matter what is stands between you and the other side, God is able to get you there! There is no mountain He cannot move and no valley He cannot get us through!

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