We need this country to return to normality, God is greater than this virus. In the Name of Jesus Christ it’s time for the Church to arise!

Let’s keep our bearings, let’s understand that God designed us to be together. It’s in the Bible, that’s how God birthed the Church.

Jesus is here to set you on the right path, and everything is going to be okay in the Name of Jesus Christ. He has not forsaken us!

When you know Him and understand Him and discern Him, you will find God’s protection and you will find His provision.

When you walk with the Holy Ghost you’ll be careful with what you say. You will not grieve Him, you will seek His counsel. You will not be led by your emotions and feelings.

We’re not going to see anything without the Holy Ghost. We’re not going to rebuild anything without the Holy Ghost.

Something may seem like a good idea but if it’s not a God idea, then it’s going to run out of steam.

We shouldn’t expect the world to understand what we understand. We cannot look for spiritual leaders in the world. We will not allow South Africa to become a post-Christian country.

Don’t think the spirit of the world is for the Church. Don’t think that the spirit of the world will celebrate the opening of the Church. Deception pacifies, it’s like a python that goes around you, and by the time a person looks up, they have be deceived. That’s why we need mighty men and women to rise up!

A shepard generation will rise up in South Africa, not for their glory but for the glory of God.

We all come to a place where we don’t know. We all come to a place where we need help.We all need somebody, but we have the Holy Spirit! God has given us a helper! Jesus did not leave us alone! Turn your fear into faith and your worry into worship as you seek the Holy Spirt!

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