This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad!

No weapon formed against you will prosper! No evil can befall you! God is orchestrating your deliverance, restoration and recovery!

If you want to live a life of victory, then you need to learn how to control your emotions. You need to guard your heart at all times, for out of it flows the issues of life. If satan can get to your heart, then he will get hold of your future!

The Bible says we have to conform to the truth, not to the world! We need to forgive! Forgiveness is part of who we are, it is our Christian nature to forgive. We cannot become like the world! We stand above! We do not take vengeance, we forgive and we speak life and forgiveness!

As Christians, we walk by a different set of rules and standards! We are new creatures in Christ! This is why the church has to be different! We have to walk in the Spirit as God's children!

Too many people live 'reactive' lives! You are first a Spirit; you have to live out of your Spirit, not by the standards of the world. Be led by the Spirit in all you do and say!

We need God to bring His presence into our souls, so our testimony is fuelled by God’s healing power and God’s greatness. We do not live from a place of hurt and bitterness!

We are not going back to where we came from! Until you get control over your emotions you will not live a life of victory. When people get angry, a fire gets a hold of their tongue and they speak out of emotions. We need to control our emotions and we need to control our tongues. We need to speak life and not death! The Bible says be angry and sin not!

One of the hardest things in life to overcome is emotional challenges. Life is hard and filled with trials and tribulations. If you live longe enough, you will experience pain or offence, but offence is taken more than it is given! Do not accept it and do not allow it to grow in your heart!

If God has something planned for you, then it will be! No devil or plot can take it away from you, but you must guard your heart against anger and offence! Do not take vengeance, do not repay evil for evil! Bless your enemies!

Revenge and offence is not God's way! People disconnect from destiny relationships because of offence! Do not allow offence to enter into your heart!

Feelings have to be brought into submission under the Holy Spirit, we need to be led by the Spirit and not let our emotions get out of control!

Joseph had the power to get even but he chose not to. The measure of your character is seen when you have power. The measure of greatness is seen when you have influence and you have risen above injustice!

Forgiveness is part of your Christian nature and it should not be conditional, you are different as a Christian and we don't become like the world, that's why we need to maintain our sanity as the church, we need to keep a mind of Christ!

We are first Christians before we are different tribes; we are Christ-like! If we look like the world and sound like the world what hope is there for the world? Find your wholeness in Christ and do not go back to your old ways.

We have to refuse to hug and hold onto our hurt and offences, we have to throw it away at the foot of the cross. Get rid of all the things that defile your Spirit! Refuse revenge and be quick to forgive as God forgives you!

Sin tires and exhausts us all, but that's why we need a Saviour and his name is Jesus Christ! Let go of the bitterness and change the sound of offence, to a sound of praise! Don’t allow your emotions to take control of your life for then you are living in prison. We don't overcome by being bitter we rise above and we become better!

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