Being strong is not an option, it is an instruction from God.

We are not going to recover all and win battles with weak faith, a weak attitude and weak mindset. We need strength for battle!

You are stronger today than you were yesterday and you are going to recover all. This isn’t just mind over matter, we are talking about strength in Christ. We are infused by something much greater than mere motivation and that is God within us!

We are not going to recover while we are weak, neutral, negative or bound by our offences. Reach forward and press on! There are triumphs on the other side of your misery.

Grow stronger in your faith today than you were yesterday! No matter what you are facing, remember the Word of God and build your life on His Word. Act on His word and declare only His Word over your life!

Pastor At reminds us that we need to get a mindset of resilience, one that embraces the mind of Christ, saying “I can do all things through Christ”.

We need a mindset the bounces back! In the natural, you might feel weak but get a believing mindset! Strengthen yourself in the Lord!

Say "I’ve got a future! I’ve got a tomorrow! I’ve got places to go and things to do by the power of the Holy Ghost."

It doesn’t matter who comes against you because if God is for you who can be against you! Say “I’m on the winning side!”.

Remember, His grace is sufficient for you! When you don’t know, our God knows!

You will not eat grapes while you talk about the giants! You will not see God’s promises while magnifying your hurts and issues. You will not be a conqueror while you sit and complain, rather hold on to the confessions of your faith and declare the goodness and mercy of God!

Pastor At Boshoff said “Leadership is not based on popularity, we need strong leaders who will build South Africa. We need leaders who will fight negativity and institutional racism. Leaders who will give vision to build a better and inclusive South Africa for all!”

If you are going to look for a reason to be weak, you are going to find it… God's promises are not subject to circumstances!

When you do not feel like singing, you are going to have to put on the garment of praise. Get up every morning with a positive mindset, knowing that you can do all things.

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