The harder we are attacked, the more determined we should become to sing the praises of our Father.

The joy of the Lord is your strength and you need strength to recover! You stand your ground and keep your spirit of praise and rejoicing alive!

Choose to worship God in your lowest moments. Draw closer to God in stormy seasons. He is the God of the turnaround; the God of the beginning! He turns your disappointments into something beautiful! He gives you beauty for ashes.

Lovers of God will have joy. Joy is a spiritual force that is released when you yield to Him!

Praise God not matter what, because your praise will cause God’s deliverance to manifest on the battleground. Your praise and rejoicing will confuse and defeat the enemy on the battleground!

Remember, the battle is not yours but the Lord's so make up your mind and rejoice, allow Jesus to come and comfort you. The voice of victory is the voice of rejoicing, God will move on your behalf, but you need to get up in your valley!

We need the song of God to return to our homes. You may be facing difficulties but the one thing you cannot lose is your song of praise. We will not talk about our giants we are going to talk about the greatness of God, He has won the victory!

We need to sing a new song for a new day! We cannot be silent anymore, we have to change the sound of uncertainty to a sound of rejoicing and adoration.

You have a reason to rejoice for your name is written in the Book of Life!

Allow Jesus to lift you and dress you in a garment of joy!

We need an antidote to all the hurt, pain and suffering. We need to praise God with other believers and we need to come back to the presence of God, serving the Lord with gladness and not with lemons or a sour heart. We come to praise and rejoice in the presence of God!

Oh, I was glad when they said let us go to the house of the Lord!

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