You have victory in the storm! Tough times don't last but tough people do!

In Matthew 14:22 - 32, we see that the disciples find themselves in a terrible storm, almost like the pandemic that we are going through.

The disciples' boat is tossed by the wind and waves, like so many of us are being tossed by to and fro by the pandemic. They were gripped by fear which causes them to lose sight of Jesus' presence and promise.

It does not matter what people are plotting and scheming, God will outsmart them every time, and they will serve His purpose! We have victory over the storms! You will not go under, you will go over! You will not only survive the storm, you will thrive in the storm!

How to be unsinkable in the midst of the storm

  1. Look to Jesus
    Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is your Lord and Saviour!
  2. Obey His Word
    God's Word still has the power to sustain and bring you through the storm. We need to give God's Word preeminence in our lives, not the word of anyone else!
  3. Don't allow fear into your heart
    Fear will paralyse your faith!
  4. Turn your worry into worship
    Stop worrying about things you have no control over. Worry is a perverted form of mediation and will not lead to positive results.

You need to stop focussing on the storm, turning your eyes to God. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Stop looking for the devil in everything!

Five things to remember

  1. God is faithful
  2. God is working when we cannot see it
  3. God is still Jehovah Jireh our Provider
  4. God still has a plan for your good
  5. God has given you eternal life, you do not need to fear anything or anyone

This storm will not have the final say, God will!

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