Be hungry for the freedom Christ obtained for you for your spirit, soul and body!

Praise Him beyond your pain, reason and understanding! Lift your eyes and lift your heart and press into Him who is the resurrection and the life! You will see the glory of God manifest in your life! Shackles will be broken!

Jesus defeated the enemy and stripped him of all power! Jesus rose from the grave! Jesus defeated every demon and devil and He has given us power!

When the Holy Spirit comes on you, you receive power… resurrection power! Walk in the power of God that is available to you!

This is comeback time! Everything that has been stolen will be restored! God’s not dead He is alive! Jesus Christ is alive and that means His power is still available on planet earth! When God shows up then resurrection power shows up!

When you believe in His power and that He did it all you will be healed from your heart and walk in liberty, you will accept what He has done! Your hurt may be real but what He did for you is more real!

He is your freedom! He is alive tonight! And if you find yourself at the lowest place then He will do something beautiful if you will come to Him!

Press in and get hungry for yourself! It has all been given in the Person of Jesus Christ. When you receive Jesus Christ you receive everything!  If you nurse your hurt you have taken your eyes off the Healer. It is not time to run away it is time to run to God!

God loves you and Jesus came because we all need a Saviour! God is not mad at you! He is madly in love with you! He cares for you and He died for you! If you would like Pastor At Boshoff to pray with you as you give your heart to Jesus, then click here.

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