There is no distance in the realm of the spirit. God is where you are right now! Refresh and revive yourself in the presence of God!

His wind will breathe upon you and within you! He will adjust and move things! He will lead you and guide you!

David defeats the enemy by doing two things, enquiring of the Lord and then acting!

The voice of God never leaves you where it finds you!

When all seems lost, there is that still, small voice that says He will never leave you nor forsake you! He will be with you till the end of time!

Don’t miss the opportunities God has for you, by being focused on the circumstances!

We are designed to be together!

We need to what the sound of God! We need to act proactively for the sake of God's Kingdom!

We need a new wind! We need a new sound!

We see the Church of Jesus arise and shine with a new glory! To bring hope to our world!

Get yourself in the presence of God! Get the mind of God!

It’s about the sound of humanity! It’s about those who are lost!

God will elevate his church, God will bless His church in this land and in the nations of the earth!

The early church lived tuned in to the Holy Ghost! When persecution came they were scattered but still preached the gospel!

We are heard to serve a purpose and while you serve your purpose God will be with you!

When we lose ourself we don’t only lose the way we lose the purpose! God will bring you back to Him! He is your good Shepherd and He will lead you and guide you no matter what storm you find yourself in!

Whatever you are facing God has a breakthrough for you! God has a plan of deliverance for you! God will get you through the red seas to the other side!

David did not become passive, he did not sit in fear when Goliath came! You have to stand up, step up and walk with God to the other side!

Nothing can stop your destiny! There might be a delay but it cannot be stopped! There might be a detour but nothing can stop your destiny! If God meant it for you it shall be! Even if you find yourself in the pit, prison or pot! God will exalt you in His divine timing! God has your back, Gods wind on the inside will carry you through the storm! He will lead you and guide you, even in the fiery furnace! God will make a way where there is no way and you will come back stronger!

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